Sociocultural and Medical Anthropologist

Sociocultural and Medical Anthropologist

Extensive Interdisciplinary Training in Methods and Theory; Reseach Experience in a Variety of Complex Social and Environmental Systems


Emphasis on Engaged Research Pairing Social Theory and Mixed Methods, Often Within a Community Participatory Framework


Commitment to Active Teaching Using Multiple Technologies to Maximize Student Engagement and Learning


Visual Presentation and Communication of Ideas - Harnessing the Power of Maps, Photography, and Social Network Diagrams

Environment, Health, & Place

I am interested in the power of Anthropology to engage with exciting research questions that cultivate a better understanding of the world through the lenses of culture, society, the environment, and health, and the layered interactions between these complex components, and within complex social and political systems

Maps, Networks, & Data

I draw on a diverse methodological and theoretical background to inform my perspectives on these sociocultural systems, including ethnographic methods, GIS and participatory mapping, and social network analysis. This approach facilitates a holistic perspective as well as a detailed engagement with social theory, while leaving room for outreach and interaction with the larger public

Culture & Technology

Looking forward, I plan continued engagement with social and environmental problems through these analytical lenses, and a consideration of the impact of technology, and in particular the power and speed of mass media, to affect public understandings of complex environmental issues, as well as cultural phenomena more broadly